TitleThemeSub ThemeAuthor NameAuthor City
God’s Mercy Clothed MeMercyBeing Evangelized, Journey, Lent, Mission, Service, Welcome, WitnessLillie RomeiserMazabuka
I Am Arriving African StyleVisitingHospitality/Personal Relationships/Spontaneity/ValuesRev. Joseph G. Healey, M.M.Nairobi
Revealing President Julius Nyerere’s HumilityHumilityEucharist/Leadership/Sanctity/Simplicity/VirtueSister Rachel Kunkler, M.M.Iringa
Who is My Neighbor?Helping the NeedyBible, Compassion, Inculturation, Self-sacrifice, ServiceFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Nairobi
The Videos are My Uncle’s Lasting Gift to TanzaniaHumorCommunications, Relationships, TravellingRev. Joseph G. Healey, M.M.Florida
Now that’s Community and Sharing!CommunitySharing, Small Christian CommunitiesRev. Joseph G. Healey, M.M.Pennsylvania
We Can be Missionaries from Africa to the WorldMissionSmall Christian Communities, TravellingRev. Joseph G. Healey, M.M.Dar es Salaam
We Women Are Equals and Have a VoiceWomenEquality, Small Christian CommunitiesRev. Joseph G. Healey, M.M.Nairobi
Changing the Face of the MountainEnvironment/Ecology/NatureBelief, Creation, Faith, Life, Service, Using One’s TalentsAdapted by Sister Joan Marie, SSND and Sister Carolyn Masicha, SSNDNairobi
Until the Christians Get Tired of Singing and DancingJoy/CelebrationCultural Values, Songs/Music, Time, Worship/LiturgyJoseph Healey, MMNakuru
Ask Me Again In One YearHumorCorruption, Heroes/Heroines/Saints, Justice/Injustice, PoliticsRev. Joseph G. Healey, M.M.Dar es Salaam
I Am Only Twelve Years OldPeace/Peacemaking/War/ViolenceChildren, Death, Ethnicity/Tribalism/GenocideNairobi
I Am a Christian FirstEthnicity/TribalismConflict Resolution, Inspiration, Reconciliation, Religion, Peace/Peacemaking/War, WitnessRev. Joseph G. Healey, M.M.Nairobi
If There is God in You, There is Hope in YouHopeEthnicity/Tribalism/Genocide, Inspiration, God, Evangelized by the PeopleRabbi Marc Gellman
That’s What I’d Asked ForMistakes in LanguageHumor, Murphy's Law, UnityDebbie Northern, MKLM
Choosing a New Name for Himself: Hope.HopeAIDS, Children, Happiness, Healing/HealthSister Marion Hughes, M.M.Musoma
It Could Only Happen in AfricaTravelingCooperation, Humor, Murphy's Law, UnityFr. Joseph G. Healey, M.M.Nairobi
Does He Realize that Joe Glynn Is Sitting Next to Him?Unforgettable CharactersHumor, Humility/Pride, Sickness, TravelingPeter Le JacqNairobi
Pray for Me to Forgive President Mwai KibakiForgiveness/MercyPeace/Peacemaking/War/Violence, Prayer, PoliticsFr. Joseph G. Healey, M.M.Yala
An Incarnational MomentCelebrationCulture, Eucharist, Gifts, Humor, MissionFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Nairobi
And Now for the Rest of the StoryMission LifeAccidents, Death, Maryknoll, Missionary WorkJoseph G. HealeyJuba
Let Us All Sit Around the Table in a Big Circle and Eat TogetherEqualityAfrican Culture, Eating, Sharing, Small Christian Communities, Unity/DivisionFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Geita
Celebrating a Jumuiya Mass in NairobiCommunityUnity, Conflict Resolution, Prayer, Small Christian CommunitiesFr. Joseph HealeyNairobi
Who Will Give This 12 Year Old Boy Back to His Momma?Peace/Peacemaking/War/ViolenceDeath, Ethnicity/Tribalsim/Genocide, Politics, Poor/Poverty/WealthTom McDonnellNairobi
Everyone Knows Who Sepp Blatter IsCultural ValuesVisiting, Urban Ministry, InculturationJoseph G. Healey, M.M.Nairobi
Visiting Sister Florence Ogutu for the Last TimeUnforgettable CharactersHappiness, Inspiration, SicknessFather Arthur Wille, M.MDodoma
On the Afternoon of 6 April, 1994Forgiveness/MercyRefugees/Internally Displaced Persons, Reconciliation, Poetry, PrayerJoseph HealeyNairobi
He Was Resurrected After Being Thought DeadTrustGrace, Helping the Needy, Holy Spirit,Susan Nagele, M.L.M.Kitale
Blessed Are the People of the Water Irrigation ProjectEnvironment/Ecology/NatureJoint ResponsibilityJohn J. Lange, M.MNairobi
Near Mary I Am on Holy GroundUnforgettable CharactersHelping the Needy, Cultural Values, InspirationFather John Lange, M.M.Nairobi
Schoolgirls Teach a Lesson of LoveInspirationCultural Values, Ethnicity, TribalismThe SeedMuramba
A Stubborn Person Sails in a Clay BoatObedience/DisobediencePunishmentSr. Rita IshengomaBukoba
Otherwise the War Will Never EndHealing/HealthSickness, Community, Unity, DivisionDr. Susan NageleSouthern Sudan
Help to Crush AIDSAIDSGillian PattersonDar es Salaam
Meeting the Muslim Curator at a Catholic MuseumUnforgettable CharactersMinistry, Environment/Ecology/NatureRose Matthias Makalla and John P. MbondeDar es Salaam
Plenty of Time, No HurryTimeCultural Values, CooperationSister Janice McLaughlin, M.M.Nairobi
Registering My Gratitude to MaryknollThanksgivingMissionary Ministry, Community, ReligionVincent WamburaMusoma
Putting a Roof Over Our HeadsThanksgivingMissionary Ministry, Environment/Ecology/NatureSister Margaret Rose Winkelmann, M.M.Kowak
I’m Not Selling AnythingGenerosity, UnselfishnessSharingMargo Cambier, MMAFIssenye
SCCs as aNew Way of Being Local ChurchSmall Christian CommunitiesCommunity, ReligionFather Joseph HealeyArusha
Praxis is Prior to TheologyUnforgettable CharactersCultural Values, HumorFr. Joseph HealeyMusoma
Padri Donati Can Out-Sukuma the SukumaUnforgettable CharactersHumor, Cultural Values,Brother John Wohead, M.M. and Father Joseph HealeyShinyanga
A Dinka Myth BeginingCreationDisobedienceUnknown
The Link Between the Ancestors and the LivingChildrenBirth, Marriage, Unity, Prayer, AncestryAnnetta MillerNairobi
God Is…GodFaith, Life, SpiritualityAnnetta MillerNairobi
It is no Small Thing to Dance in CommunityCommunityDance, CelebrationAnnetta MillerNairobi
By No Means WitchcraftMusicUsing one's talents, SpiritualityAnnetta MillerNairobi
Success is Centered on the Life of the CommunitySuccessCommunity, Inspiration, Personal RelationshipsAnnetta MillerNairobi
His Words Were Words of WisdomWisdomCommunity, Happiness, WisdomAnnetta MillerNairobi
Theirs is the Gift of Compassionate SharingCompassionCommunity, Sharing, Sickness, SupportAnnetta MillerNairobi
One Large Extended FamilyExtended FamilyBlessings, CommunityAnnetta MillerNairobi
Time is About RelationshipsRelationshipsTime, CommunityAnnetta MillerNairobi
Please Don’t Kill Us! We’ll Start Attending Religion ClassesMissionary MinistryHumorFather David Smith, M.MShinyanga
Person Who Has a Light Knee Can Survive LongerProverbs/SayingsPeace/Peacemaking/War/Violence, Cultural ValuesPaul LopyemNanyangacor
Rawera (the Comforter) and the MonstersMyths/ParablesFamily, CommunityLuo Ethnic Group, East Africa, collected by FranciNairobi
Preach the Good News to the PoorPoor/Poverty/WealthHelping the Needy, Cultural ValuesBrother Bernard Muoki, M.B.C.
The “Prayer Over the Gifts” in the All Africa Eucharistic PrayerPrayerLife, Blessings, Jesus ChristFather Aylward Shorter, M.Afr.Gaba
President Moi Should Tour the Nairobi SlumsVisitingMissionary Ministry, Poor/Poverty/Wealth, Joint Responsibility, SicknessFather John Lange, M.M.Nairobi
Rab Murphy’s LawMurphy's LawMissionary Ministry, FaithFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Musoma
African Update on Murphy’s LawCultural ValuesCleverness, Murphy's LawFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Musoma
Mother Superior Is In Bed with a ManMistakes in LanguagesHumor, TravelingBishop Joseph MukwayaKampala
Potters Who Give Shape and Form To ClayFaith/DoubtGod, Life, Jesus ChristFather Mario AguilarNULL
Receiving My First Mission Assignment in the Laundry RoomMissionary CallHumor, Missionary MinistryFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Nairobi
Please Welcome Father SwahiliHumorCultural Values, Missionary MinistryFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Iramba
Go, Big Red, Go!ClevernessHumor, Traveling, VisitingFather Raymond McCabe, M.M.Mwanza
Planting Seeds of God in African SoilMyths/ParablesCreation, God, Jesus Christ, Cultural ValuesFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Dar es Salaam
Putting People Before the MailHospitalityMissionary Ministry, VisitingFather Edward Wroblewski, M.M.Issenye
Searching For the Face of GodCultural ValuesGod, Life, Missionary Ministry, Evangelized by the PeopleFather Ton Leus, C.S.Sp.Boranaland
Sabina Liked Beer!Funerals/BurialsMargo and Erik Cambier, MMAFIssenye
Reinstatement of a Deceased PersonFunerals/BurialsDeath, Ancestors, Eternal Life/Heaven/Hellcollected by Father Joseph HealeyHarare
Baganda Last Funeral RitesFunerals/BurialsDeath, Family, Eating/Mealssupplied by Father Joseph Healey, M.M.Kampala
The Struggle ContinuesPoetryPeace/Peacemaking/War/Violence, Freedom/Slavery, LifeProfessor Kivutha KibwanaNULL
Becoming More Christian Like ThemInculturationBlessings, Missionary Ministry, Hospitality, Inspiration, GraceFather David Smith, M.M.Shinyanga
Now We Have 20 WaysHumorEnvironment/Ecology/Nature, EducationFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Bukoba
That’s the Bishop!Using One's TalentsTraveling, Unforgettable CharactersFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Bukoba
School Girls Teach a Lesson of LoveInspirationCultural Values, Ethnicity/Tribalism/Genocide, Peace/Peacemaking/War/Violencebased on article, “African Children Teach Us a LesMuramba
Samike Couldn’t Keep SilentHealing/HealthLife, Sharing, Thanksgiving, Witchcraft/SuperstitionSukuma Ethnic Group, collected by the Sukuma ReseaBujora
Otherwise This War Will Never EndHealing/HealthSickness, Community, Unity/DivisionDr. Susan Nagele MMAFNULL
He Went Like a Bar of SoapServiceDeathFather Gerry Nolf, M.Afr.NULL
Do Not Sit On MeMyths/ParablesAnimals, ClevernessKikuyu Ethnic Group, Kenya, Sr. Ephigenia GachiriNairobi
Trying to Hijack Our Small Christian CommunitySmall Christian CommunitiesBible, Church, Cleverness, Community, Prayer, SharingFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Dar es Salaam
Small Christian Communities Work Miracles of ForgivenessSmall Christian CommunitiesCommunity, Forgiveness, Healing, Prayer, Reconciliation, SharingMarie Cooper, SJCPlainfield, NJ
The Whole Affair May Take Up To Five or Six HoursMissionary MinistryCultural Values, Eucharist, Evangelization, Humor, TimeBrother John Blazo, M.M.Maryknoll
You Were Too LateMurphy's LawAnimals, Environment/Ecology/Nature, Humor, Missionary Ministry, Suffering/Self-Denial/HardshipFather David Smith, M.M.Shinyanga
You Shall Be My WitnessesMissionary CallBible, Laity, Synod, Theology, Traveling, Vocation, WitnessFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Dar es Salaam
You Don’t Know Where To StartHumorEducation, Healing/Health, Life, Missionary MinistryFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Dar es Salaam
You Can Make a DifferenceInspirationChildren, Helping the Needy, Missionary Ministry, SicknessDr. Susan Nagele, MMAFNimule
You Can Be My New Seminarian SonFamilyPriesthood, Community, EducationFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Musoma
You Are My DaughterFamilyCultural Values, Farewell/Goodbye, Thanksgiving, VisitingFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Shinyanga
You Are My Arms and My Legs NowJesus ChristLaity, Ministry, Missionary Call, Preaching the GospelNULLNULL
Why the Chicken Hawk Eats ChickensAnimalsDeath, Healing/Health, Self-Sacrifice, SinKamba Ethnic Group, Kenya, collected by Dr. John MNULL
Why Priests Do Not MarryPriesthoodCultural Values, Leadership, Preaching the Gospel, Worship/Liturgy/SacrificeFather Noel Ruane, SVDKabou
Why I Can SingHumility/PrideLeadership, Songs/Music, Work, Ethnicity/Tribalism/GenocideMossi Ethnic GroupDel Tarr
Why Engai’s Rope Was Cut?CreationEnvironment/Ecology/Nature, God, Personal Relationships, AnimalsMaasai Ethnic Group, East Africa, collected by FreSiomanjiro
Why Did You Try To Kill Me?TravelingEnvironment/Ecology/Nature, Humor, LifeFather David Smith, M.M.Ndoleleji
Where Thousands of Skeletons Are LyingDeathFunerals/Burials, Grace, Jesus Christ, Prayer, CompassionBishop Paride TabanNULL
Where Does the Money Go?Helping the NeedyLife, Service, Sickness, Healing/HealthFather Daniel Ohmann, M.M.Ndoleleji
When Is My Next Transfer?YouthFarewell/Goodbye, Joy/Celebration, Missionary Ministry, Songs/Music, Worship/Liturgy/SacrificeFather Lou Quinn, M.M.Athi River and Nairobi
When I Was a BoyChildrenCompassion, Missionary Ministry, SharingLinda UngerMombasa
What Would Your Small Christian Community Do?Small Christian CommunitiesChurch, Joint Responsibility, Justice/Injustice/Corruption, Leadership, WitnessFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Musoma
What Went Away Naked And Came Back Clothed?Proverbs/SayingsBible, Easter/Resurrection, Languages, Ministry, WorkFather George Cotter, M.M.Shinyanga
What New Ministry Would You Start?Small Christian CommunitiesEcumenism, Healing/Health, Ministry, PrayerFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Musoma
What Jesus Would Want for His People — ToiletsHealing/HealthCommunity, Joint ResponsibilityFather John Lange, M.M.Nairobi
What is the Most Important Religion?LoveForgiveness/Mercy, Interreligious Dialogue, Leadership, Religion, Wisdom/StupidityFather Joseph G. Healey, M.M. with the ChristiansMusoma
What Is Her Telephone NumberYouthGrace, HumorFather Joseph G. Healey, M.M.Nairobi
We’re Looking For a Few Good … MaryknollersMissionary CallChurch, Preaching the Gospel, Traveling, VocationFather Edward Hayes, M.M.Gambella
Wearing Only One Plastic SandalPoor/Poverty/WealthChildren, Helping the Needy, Suffering/Self-Denial/HardshipMargo Cambier, MMAFMugumu
We’re Already on the New RoadTravelingEnvironment/Ecology/Nature, HumorFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Marsabit
We Prayed To the One God of CompassionInterreligious DialogueCross/Crucifixion, God, Inculturation, Muslims/Islam, PrayerRay Pierini, M.M.Cairo
We Need To Run Out and Meet LuciaAIDSCompassion, Lent, Missionary Ministry, Sickness, Small Christian CommunitiesFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Musoma
We Don’t Send Invitations to OurselvesSmall Christian CommunitiesCommunity, Evangelized by the People, Family, Joy/CelebrationFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Musoma
We Africans Use Our HeadsHumorCleverness, Helping the Needy, Service, Traveling, Using One's TalentsFather Edward Hayes, M.M.Maryknoll Region
We Africans Should Be WritingTheologyCultural Values, Education, Hunger/Famine, Using One's TalentsFather Joseph Healey, M.M. and Father Donald SyberMwanza
Was It a Tire Burst?Interreligious DialogueCommunity, Generosity/Unselfishness/Selfishness, Grace, Helping the Needy, Muslim/IslamJohn P. MbondeDar es Salaam
Visiting the Sick in the Nairobi SlumsMissionary MinistryHelping the Needy, Prayer, Sickness, Urban Ministry, VisitingFather John Lange, M.M.Nairobi
Very Old But Very Good Joke About MissionariesHumorBible, Environment/Ecology/Nature, Ethnicity/Tribalism/Genocide, Heroes/Heroines/SaintsEdward StourtonNULL
Urban Ministry in Dar es SalaamUrban MinistryAIDS, Anointing of the Sick, Interreligious Dialogue, Muslims/Islam, YouthFather John Waldrep, M.M.Dar es Salaam
Understanding African ValuesSinMinistry, Sincerity/HypocrisyFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Entebbe
UndefeatedRefugee/Internally Displaced PersonsSpirituality, Women, Children, Inspiration, Perserverance/EnduranceFather Emile Dumas, M.M.NULL
Two VillagesMyths/ParablesCommunity, Preaching the Gospel, Sharing, WorkRudy DirksGaborone
Two Nuns from TatweVocationCultural Values, Grace, Heroes/Heroines/Saints, Perserverance/Endurance, ReligionMaurice OtienoDar es Salaam
Two Missionary Heroes in TanzaniaHeroes/Heroines/SaintsDeath, Healing/Health, Missionary CallFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Bagamoyo
Triplets in TanzaniaBirthChildren, Happiness, Mary, WomenFather Paul Fagan, M.M.Old Maswa
Traveling the Miles from Lake Sebago to Lake KivuRefugees/Internally Displaces PersonsTraveling, Death, Ethnicity/Tribalism/Genocide, Peace/Peacemaking/War/ViolenceFather Joseph Healey, M.M.North Sebago, Maine and Musoma
Travel Always With a Hoe and a SpadeFunerals/BurialsDeath, Lent, Peace/Peacemaking/War/Violence, Persecution, TravelingBishop Paride TabanTorit
This Says It AllMuslims/IslamFriendship, God, Interreligious Dialogue, ReligionRay Pierini, M.M.Cairo
This Makes It All WorthwhileMissionary MinistryMissionary Call, Poetry, Priesthood, Theology, VocationFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Dar es Salaam
This Is a Living HellRefugees/Internally DisplacedSickness, Suffering, Self-denial, Hardship, Death, Peace/Peacemaking/War/ViolenceJames KairuTingitingi
They Wouldn’t Believe Me If I Told ThemTravelingEnvironment/Ecology/Nature, Family, Proverbs/Sayings, Suffering/Self-denial/HardshipsFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Shinyanga
They Quickly Came With Love and ConcernLoveFarewell/Goodbye, Generosity/Unselfishness/Selfishness, Marriage, Personal RelationshipsGusii Ethnic Group, Kenya, collected by Evans NyGusii
They Destroyed Our Little Grass ChurchPersecutionSuffering/Self-Denial/Hardship, Environment/Ecology/Nature, Justice/Injustice/CorruptionFather William Knipe, M.M.Rokab
They Can Kill Our Bodies, But Not Our FaithFaith/DoubtPersecution, Perserverance/Endurance, Presence/Accompaniment, Witness, Cross/CrucifixionFather Dick Baker, M.M.Babanusa
Theresa Bit the Foot of the LionInspirationAnimals, Courage/Bravery/Fear, Heroes/Heroines, Saints, Self-SacrificeLeo Kennedy, M.M.Shinyanga
There’s No Business Like “Choo” BusinessHumorAnimals, Equality, Life, Murphy's LawFathers Joseph Reinhart, M.M. and Joseph Healey, MMusoma
The Very Beginning of Maryknoll in East AfricaMissionary CallAncestors, Forgiveness/Mercy, Happiness, TravelingFather Louis Bayless, M.M.Shinyanga
The Ultimate Compliment to a MaryknollerLanguagesEducation, Missionary Ministry, Using One's Talents, WitnessFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Dar es Salaam
The Translator Who Became PresidentLanguagesBible, Heroes/Heroines/Saints, Leadership, Politics, ReligionFather Art Wille, M.M.Musoma
The Tow Rope Has To Be TautTravelingCleverness, Environment/Ecology/Nature, Life, Murphy's LawFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Shinyanga
The Three Stones Are ColdTrinityProverbs/Sayings, Unity/DivisionSukuma Ethnic Group, Father Joseph Healey, M.M.Shinyanga
The Sudanese People’s Way of LifePeace/Peacemaking/War/ViolenceCourage/Bravery/Fear, Life, Politics, TravelingRev. Joseph G. Healey, M.M.Narus
The Six-Hour Short Cut That Took Three DaysTravelingEnvironment/Ecology/Nature, Game Parks, Humor, ReconciliationFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Musoma
The Parable of the PotSmall Christian CommunitiesChurch, Community, Cooperation, Sharing, TrinityEast African SCC Coordinating TeamNairobi
The Overwhelming First Choice Was Home VisitsVisitingCultural Values, Church, Death, Laity, Ministry, Personal RelationshipsFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Nairobi
The Only Winner Is Murphy’s LawMurphy's LawEnvironment/Ecology/Nature, Humor, Life, YouthFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Musoma
The One Who Only Has Half a Cola NutProverbs/SayingsHumility/Pride, Poor/Poverty/Wealth, Visiting, WomenCarol BornmanLouga
The Night Before ChristmasChristmasCelebration, Family, Hope, Suffering/Self-Denial/HardshipRev. Peter E. Adotey AddoNULL
The Most Unforgettable Character in the Africa RegionUnforgettable CharactersHumor, Missionary Ministry, Proverbs/Sayings/Stories, TravelingFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Nairobi
The Medicine PouchReconciliationConflict Resolution, Devil, Evil, Justice/Injustice/CorruptionDr. Stan NussbaumNULL
The LetterJesus in DisguisePoor/Poverty/Wealth, Eating/Meals, Heroes/Heroines/Saints, Inspiration,Jesus Christadapted by Father Joseph Healey, M.M.Nairobi
The Journey of St. AugustineHeroes/Heroines/SaintsEvil, Sin, GodAdapted from Dominic NicolielloHippo
The Human Mirrors of CommunityCommunityFriendship, God, Personal Relationships, ChildrenAnita Kennedy, VMMNULL
The Honey Bird and the Three GourdsDeathElders/Aging, Evil, God, Myths/Parables, AnimalsKaonde Ethnic Group, Zambia, collected by Father JNULL
The Hero SsebwaatoHeoes/Heroines/SaintsAnimals, Healing/Health, Myths/Parables, TravelingBaganda Ethnic Group, Uganda, collected by ProfessNULL
The Herbalist Who Kept All His Secrets To HimselfHealing/HealthDeath, Environment/Ecology/Nature, Preaching the Gospel, SicknessNULLNULL
The Greatest Consolation of My LifeJoy/CelebrationFamily, Peace/Peacemaking/War, Suffering/Self-Denial/Hardship, Traveling, VocationCollected by Bishop Joseph MukwayaMityana
The Good OlmegInculturationMyths/Parables, Bible, Compassion, Ethnicity/Tribalism/Genocide, Helping the NeedyMaasai Ethnic Group, Tanzania, Father Vincent DonoArusha
The Good MaasaiInculturationMyths/Parables, Bible, Compassion, Ethnicity/Tribalism/Genocide, Helping the NeedyKuria Ethnic Group adapted by Father Joseph HealeyMusoma
The First Year in East Africa Is Wow YearEnvironment/Ecology/NatureAnimals, Courage/Bravery/Fear, Game ParksFather Don LarmoreIssenye
The Dream of Delphina and DanielRefugees/Internally DisplacedEthnicity/Tribalism/Genocide, Love, Peace/Peacemaking/War/ViolenceFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Rusumo
The Day We Ran After the PlanePatience/Waiting/ImpatienceCommunity, Humor, Life, TravelingFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Entebbe
The Crib, Our HouseChristmasFamily, Jesus Christ, Joy/Celebration, Poor/Poverty/WealthFr. Hermann Borge, OFMSubukia
The Child’s Relatives Have ArrivedSongs/MusicBirth, Children, Family, Joy/CelebrationPetro MakuruIramba
The Child Who Was BuriedDeathEaster/Resurrection, God, Obedience/Disobedience, Sickness, CreationKongo Ethnic GroupNULL
The Chief Eats with the LeperLeadershipPoor/Poverty/Wealth, Proverbs/Sayings, Disabled/Handicapped People, EqualityFather Thomas Keefe, M.M. and Father Joseph HealeyShinyanga
The Chameleon and the LizardDeathAnimals, Creation, MythYao Ethnic GroupNULL
The Cardinal Broke the ArrowInculturationPeace, Peacemaking/War, Songs/Music, Synod, Worship/Liturgy/SacrificeFather Aylward Shorter, M.Afr.Nairobi
The Call of the WildMissionary CallAnimals, Environment/Ecology/Nature, Poetry, VocationFather Don LarmoreIssenye
The Battery Was About To Go DeadHumorLife, Visiting, Environment/Ecology/Nature, Poetry, VocationGeorge Cotter, M.M.Debre Zeit
The African World According to EppyUnforgettable CharactersGrace, Humor, Mistakes in Languages, Proverbs/SayingsFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Dar es Salaam
That’s What the Bible SaysHospitalityBible, Family, Muslims/Islam, Refugees/Internally Displaced PersonsFather Edwin MetzgerMombasa
That Gesture of Thanks Overwhelmed MeThanksgivingChildren, Hunger/Famine, Peace/Peacemaking/War/Violence, Refugees/Internally DisplacedFather Carroll Houle, M.M.NULL
Tell Us a Few ProverbsProverbs/SayingsProverbs/SayingsDr. Stan NussbaumNULL
Tell Them to Use 100 Shilling Coins Next TimeWitchcraft/SuperstitionCourage/Bravery/Fear, Cultural Values, Interreligious Dialogue, SpiritualityFather Daniel Ohmann, M.M.Shinyanga
Take Courage and Get InvolvedPeace/Peacemaking/War/ViolenceCompassion, Courage/Bravery/Fear, Ethnicity/Tribalism/Genocide, InspirationSister Janice McLaughlin, M.M.Harare
Synod Cooked in an African PotSynodEating/Meals, Environment/Ecology/Nature, Hope, LifeSister Catherine GaynorNULL
Be Satisfied With What You HaveMyths/ParablesAnimals, Humilty/Pride, RedemptionMatengo Ethnic Group, Tanzania collected by JosephLituru
Charles Lwanga and CompanionsPrayerCourage/Bravery/Fear, Faith/Doubt, PrayerAdapted from Our Ancestors in FaithNULL
Suffering Five and One-half Hours of InculturationInculturationMissionary Ministry, Time, Worship/Liturgy/Sacrifice, AIDS, Funerals/Burials, GraceFather John Lange, M.M.Nairobi
Suba FeastElders/AgingEvil, Inculturation, Life, Spirituality, DeathFather Edward Hayes, M.M.Nyamwaga
Strange Material Floating In the WaterHealing/HealthCleverness, Humor, Laity, LifeMargo and Erik Cambier, MMAFShinyanga
Standing Before God With a Shining SmileAIDSDeath, Helping the Needy, Sickness, VisitingSister Catherine ErismanMwanza
Spontaneous Lesson in InculturationHumorAdvent, Inculturation, Mary, Youth
Special Gift Symbolizing Lifetime CommitmentInculturationCultural Values, Missionary Ministry, Vocation, Women
Song of BagaluWitchcraft/SuperstitionAnimals, Cultural Values, Healing/Health, Songs/Music
Sometimes You Get LuckyTimeEvangelization, Languages, Ministry
Softening Me As WellSpiritualityEcumenism, Evangelized by the People, Personal Relationships, Sharing
So God Has To Be BothGodBirth, Children, Family, Trinity
Sitting During the GospelInculturationCultural Values, Interreligious Dialogue, Preaching the Gospel, Worship/Liturgy/Sacrifice
She’s With GodPresence/AccompanimentAIDS, God, Inspiration, Sickness
She Loved JesusHeroes/Heroines/SaintsLove, Maryrdom, Faith/Doubt
She Healed Her SpirituallyHealing/HealthMinistry, Small Christian Communities, Spirituality, Visiting
Serving Suffering People in AfricaSuffering/Self-denial/HardshipAIDS, Disabled/Handicapped People, Helping the Needy, Service
Send Us the Man Who Broke ItHumorLife, Murphy's Law
Opening Our Arms to Our Sudanese Brothers and SistersRefugees/Internally DisplacedHospitality, Persecution, Politics, Prayer
O Unhappy ChristianPoetry
O LiweleloPrayerAncestors, God, Healing/Health, Witchcraft/SuperstitionSukuma Ethnic Group
Nyamiji’s Prayer to God in DangerPrayerCourage/Bravery/Fear, God, Peace/Peacemaking/War, Thanksgiving, Worship/LiturgySukuma Ethnic Group, Tanzania, collected by FatherNdoleleji
Now Tell Him To Turn It OffPrayerEnvironment/Ecology/Nature, God, Heroes/Heroines/Saints, HumorEdward Hayes, M.M.Rosanna
Notre Dame Football Comes To AfricaHumorCleverness, Leadership, Missionary Call, VocationFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Musoma
Nothing Is ImpossibleHopeCooperation, Evangilization, Patience/Waiting/Impatience, WorkFather Paul Fagan, M.M.Old Maswa
Not a Person In SightReconciliationChurch, Cultural Values, Humor, Missionary MinistryFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Nairobi
Nobody Attended Her FuneralPersonal RelationshipsFunerals/Burials, Generosity/Unselfishness/Selfishness, Poor/Poverty/Wealth, WorkFather Bernard Joinet, M.Afr.Dar es Salaam
No Solos Please, We’re Bantus You KnowCooperationCultural Values, Humor, Missionary MinistryFather Lou Quinn, M.M.Sayusayu
No One in Cairo Carries Herself with Such GraceDisabled/Handicapped PeopleGrace, Healing/Health, Suffering/Self-denial/Hardship, WomenBrother Robert Butsch, M.M.Cairo
No Food for the Special GuestHospitalityEating/Meals, Missionary Ministry, VisitingFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Shinyanga
No Food for Her ChildrenHunger/FamineAnimals, Children, Eating/Meals, Peace/Peacemaking/War, TrustBishop Paride TabanTorit,
Nindo’s NightPoetryEnvironment/Ecology/Nature, Joy/Celebration, Songs/MusicFather Emile Dumas, M.M.Nindo
New Myth for Their New AgeCreationMercy Amba Oduyoye
My Unforgettable Experience in ZambiaCompassionEducation, Forgiveness/Mercy, Missionary Ministry, TravelingFather Baptiste Mapunda
My True DreamHealing/HealthCultural Values, Environment/Ecology/Nature, Sickness, ThanksgivingPatrick PombeKisesa
My Old BlouseBaptismFamily, Life, Poetry, Poor/Poverty/WealthSister Ann Klaus, M.M.
My Language Teacher Became PresidentLanguagesLove, Poor/Poverty/Wealth, Education, Heros/Heroines/SaintsFather Art Wille, M.M.Musoma
Mother and ChildRefugees/Internally DisplacedChildren, Poetry, Suffering/Self-denial/Hardship, Traveling, WomenFather Emile Dumas, M.M.
More Than Mud StovesRefugees/Internally DisplacedSpirituality, Helping the Needy, Missionary Ministry, Presence/AccompanimentJanet Hackert, MMAFNgara
Mom, a Missionary?Missionary MinistryPreaching the Gospel, Women, Family, LaityTricia Reimer
Michael Has AIDSAIDSCourage/Bravery/Fear, Hope, Perserverance/Endurance, WitnessFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Mwanza
May I Have a RideTravelingCultural Values, Helping the Needy, Personal Relationships, ServiceFather Joseph G. Healey, M.M.Issenye
Maryknoll’s Rugged, Indestructible Bush MissionaryUnforgettable CharactersHumor, Laity, Missionary Ministry, TravelingFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Musoma
Lord, Just This One More HouseHelping the NeedyChildren, Missionary Ministry, Poor/Poverty/Wealth, ServiceFather John Lange, M.M.Kibaha
Looking For Jesus TogetherJesus in DisguiseCommunity, Joint Responsibility, Sharing, TravelingFather Renato Kizito Sesana, MCCJNairobi
Little Knowledge is DangerousHumorEducation, Languages, Proverbs/Sayings, Wisdom/StupidityGikuyu Ethnic Group, adapted by Joseph KariukiNairobi
Let Us Go Hunting TodaySongs/MusicChildren, Community, Unity/DivisionSukuma Ethnic Group, collected by Sister ImmaculatIbindo
In Bed With "Malaria"Mistakes in LanguagesHumor, TravelingFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Mityana
Only a MotherHealing/HealthHelping the Needy, Love, Missionary Ministry, Service, Women
Ongoing Workshop in Pastoral TheologySmall Christian CommunitiesJustice/Injustice/Corruption, Laity, Politics, Theology, Urban Ministry
Getting Your Ears LoweredHumorMistakes in LanguagesFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Mityana
Let the Number of Maasai Increase FirstHumility/PrideEucharist, Peace/Peacemaking/War, Proverbs/Sayings, SinSukuma Ethnic Group, collected by the Sukuma ReseaBujora
Lepilal the Lion KillerCourage/Bravery/FearFather Pat Patton, C.S.SpOlkokola
Telling A Snake StoryHumorAnimals, Friendship, Life, LoveFather Richard SmithNyegina
Lenten Journey in a Brown Paper BagLentAngels, Inculturation, Prayer, Religion, TravelingRev. Joseph G. Healey, M.M. with the Christians inMusoma
Learning from the MasterJoy/CelebrationAnimals, Hospitality, Humor, VisitingPaul BrownMugumu
Laying Hands on Elderly PeopleHealing/HealthCommunity, Elders/Aging, Inculturation, Ministry, Small Christian CommunitiesFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Iramba
Kintu, the Founder of the BagandaMyths/ParablesBirth, Children, Creation, Death, Obedience/DisobedienceBaganda Ethnic Group, collected by Professor Helen
Keep Your Mouth Closed, Your Bowels Open and Your Feet DryUnforgettable CharactersEnvironment/Ecology/Nature, Humor, Missionary Ministry, TravelingFather Louis Bayless, M.M.Musoma
The Irish Priest "Father Maguire"InculturationCultural Values, Humor, Mistakes in Languages, TravelingFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Mityana
Finally He Hung UpTravelingJustice/Injustice/Corruption, Patience/Waiting/Impatience, Truth/LyingFather Joseph Healey, M.M.,Mityana
Why Get High Blood Pressure Cheering for a Team That Loses?SportsCleverness, Cultural Values, Faith/Doubt, HumorFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Mityana
Visiting Florence the Last TimeDeathHospitality, Missionary Ministry, Visiting, VocationFather Arthur Wille, M.M.Musoma
Kaonde Myth of CreationCreationGod, Marriage, Obedience/Disobedience, ChildrenKaonde Ethnic Group, collected by Father John Ganl
Julius Nyerere — An African Christian HeroHeroes/Heroines/SaintsEducation, Inspiration, Leadership, PoliticsFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Dar es Salaam
Joy Is Africa’s Great Gift to the ChurchJoy/CelebrationLife, Missionary MinistryFather Thomas Keefe, M.M.Shinyanga
Jet Ride on a BananaMistakes in LanguagesEducation, Humor, Languages, Murphy's LawFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Makoko
Jesus, Whom They Call the ChristJesus ChristEducation, Humor, Missionary Ministry, TravelingFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Dar es Salaam
I’ve Spent a Long Time Looking For YouHelping the NeedyChildren, Health/Healing, Missionary Ministry, SicknessJoseph Brannigan, M.M., Shinyanga, TanzaniaShinyanga
We Don’t Know How to Pray!PrayerEating, Hospitality, Hunting and Mission.Father Daniel Ohmann, M.M.Nata
I’ve Got EverythingPrayerChildren, God, Personal Relationships, Poor/Poverty/WealthFather Daniel Ohmann, M.M.Nata
It’s a Bargain of a LifetimeEducationHope, Joy/Celebration, YouthFather Paul Fagan, M.M.,Old Maswa
It Will Never Work …. It Can WorkSmall Christian CommunitiesJoint Responsibility, Lent, Refugees/Internall Displaced PersonsFather Daniel Ohmann, M.M.Lukole
It Was Time for ReconciliationReconciliationConflict Resolution, Hope, Justice/Injustice/Corruption, Myths/Parables, Peace/PeacemakingCatholic Justice and Peace Publication
Is the Small Christian Community the Model of the Future?Small Christian CommunitiesChurch, Community, Evangelization, MinistryFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Pretoria
Is it a Millionaire or a Maryknoller?HumorLanguages, Mistakes in Lnaguages, Refugees/Internally Displaced Persons, TravelingBrother Mark Huntington, M.M.Nimule
In Memory of LaurentiFunerals/BurialsBlessings, Death, Eternal Life/Heaven/Hell, Eucharist, PoetryFather Don LarmoreSerengeti
On the Afternoon of 6 AprilPeace/Peacemaking/War/ViolenceEthnicity/Tribalism/Genocide, Forgiveness/Mercy, Justice/Injustice/Corruption, Missionary MinistryFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Nairobi
In Arabic We Call It MACARONIEating/MealsEducation, Humor, LanguagesMarj Humphrey, MMAFJuba
Important Symbols In Kikuyu Marriage RitesMarriageService, Cultural Values, Eating/Meals, Joy/CelebrationRose Musimba
I’m the YoungestElders/AgingHumor, Joy/Celebration, TravelingSister Margaret Sierra, M.M.,
If You Do Not Fill Up a CrackProverbs/SayingsChurch, Humor, Visiting, WorkFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Maji Moto
Getting a Visa in Five MinutesTravelingFriendship, Missionary Ministry, Personal RelationshipsFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Nairobi
If I Were a RefugeeRefugees/Internally DisplacedThanksgiving, Community, God, PrayerEugenia Matoyo
If I Die I Will Pray For Him in HeavenHeroes/Heroines, SaintsMartyrdom, Prayer, Suffering/Self-denial/Hardship, Deathadapted from Dominic NicolielloBusira
If Anyone Can Succeed, Cosmos WillRefugees/Internally DisplacedHelping the Needy, Poor/Poverty/Wealth, Service, SicknessFather Carroll Houle, M.M.Manica
I’m Not Selling AnythingThanksgivingMargo Cambier, MMAFIssenye
I Wish You Had Come In the MorningLanguagesCultural Values, Friendship, Personal Relationships, VisitingFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Kampala
I Was That ForeignerHelping the NeedyJesus Christ, Languages, Prayer, TravelingFather John Kabwe, S.J.
I Think I’ll Pray For RainFunerals/BurialsCultural Values, Environment/Ecology/Nature, Eucharist, PrayerFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Nairobi
I Saw God’s Face That DayRefugees/Internally DisplacedEthnicity/Tribalism/Genocide, Faith/Doubt, God, Joy/Celebration, Trust, Truth/LyingFather Steve Brown, MMAFLukole
I Pointed Out To You the StarsProverbs/SayingsBible, Humor, Inculturation, Languages, TheologyFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Shinyanga
I Missed Another Chance To Meet ChristJesus in DisguiseEvangelized by the People, Generosity/Unselfishness/Selfishness, Helping the NeedyHeidi SchmidtItipini
I Love GiraffesAnimalsFrienship, Grace, Justice/Injustice/Corruption, PoetryFather James Nieckarz, M.M.
I Have A RiddleMissionary MinistryCultural Values, God, Redemption, TravelingSukuma Ethnic Group, Father Joseph Healey, M.M. aNdoleleji
I Felt Like In HeavenEternal Life/Heaven/HellHappiness, Missionary Ministry, Presence/Accompaniement, SharingFather John Lange, M.M.Nairobi
I Feel They Are Pursuing MeMartyrdomCourage/Bravery/Fear, Death, Heroes/Heroines/Saints, Justice/Injustice/CorruptionFather Neno Contran, MCCJKampala
I Don’t Understand What You Are SayingPoliticsConflict Resolution, Languages, Mistakes in Languages, Myths/Parables, ReconciliationFather Japheth KyaloThika
I Couldn’t Believe ItSuffering/Self-denial/HardshipWomen, Helping the Needy, Service, SicknessFather William Vos, MMAFMusoma
I Couldn’t Abandon the Woman with Four ChildrenHelping the NeedyChildren, Faith/Doubt, Inspiration, Self-sacrifice, TravelingFather John Lange, M.M.Shinyanga
I Carry My BrotherFamilyChildren, Helping the Needy, Love, Personal RelationshipsParable, quoted by Marc Sevin
I Asked My Older Sister To Help MeHumorChildren, Cleverness, Helping the Needy, ReconciliationFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Nairobi
I Am the Dancing ManLifeChildren, Environment/Ecology/Nature, Joy/Celebration, Using One's TalentsBrother Carmine, S.M.
I Am President Nyerere’s GodfatherBaptismElders/Aging, Heroes/Heroines/Saints, Religion, VisitingFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Iramba
I Am a Street ChildChildrenPoetryTom KimbuiNairobi
How the Hare Helped the CivetAnimalsCleverness, Friendship, Myths/Parables, Wisdom/StupidityMatengo Ethnic Group, collected by Joseph MbeleLituru
How I Finally Learned CricketEducationGod, Humor, Life, TravelingFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Johannesburg
How Fast You Carry the FlashlightHumorTraveling, Wisdom/Stupidity, Animals, Game Parks
Holy Gospel According To AfricaPrayerFaith/Doubt, God, Poetry, Preisthood, SalvationFather Joseph Veneroso, M.M.
Holding Back Tears He Ran From the RoomRefugees/Internally DisplacedEthnicity/Tribalism/Genocide, Forgiveness/Mercy, Grace, Healing/Health, PeaceJoseph FergusonNairobi
Hijacking the Water TankMurphy's LawEnvironment/Ecology/Nature, Humor, Small Christian Communities, TravelingFather Tony Gill, SMAKilulu
Herb Floated DownriverMarriageEnvironment/Ecology/Nature, Family, Humor, LifeFather David Smith, M.M.Shinyanga
Helping Those in Great NeedHelping the NeedyHealing/Health, Missionary Ministry, Poor/Poverty/Wealth, Service, Suffering/Self-DenialFather Paul Fagan, M.M.Old Maswa
He Was the Last to DieHeros/Heroines/SaintsDeath, Healing/Health, Inspiration, Martyrdom, Prayeradapted from Blaine Harden
He Ought To Be Giving This Speech, Not MeAIDSHealing/Health, Helping the Needy, Life, SicknessFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Nairobi
Have a Nice SiestaHumorEnvironment/Ecology/Nature, Farewell/Goodbye, Life, TimeFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Musoma
Halima’s Compassion and Practical Know-howHelping the NeedyCompassion, Self-Sacrifice, Service, Using One's TalentsAnastasia Lott, M.M.Garissa
Half a Plate of Fried TermitesEating/MealsAngels, Humor, Refugees/Internall Displaced Persons, VisitingFather Eugene Toland, M.M.Pakeli
Gunda and the Daughter of DulyePersonal RelationshipsWitchcraft/Superstition, Cultural Values, Animals, LifeSukuma Ethnic Group, collected by the Sukuma ReseaBujora
Greeting God at Sowing TimePrayerAncestors, Environment/Ecology/Nature, God, Healing/HealthDogon Ethnic Group
Gospel According to the Children of MombasaBibleChildren, Jesus Christ, Languages, Obedience/DisobedienceFrank MaurovichMombasa
Going From Life to FaithFaith/DoubtBible, Life, Theology, Trinity, YouthFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Nairobi
God Must Love Us a LotLoveDeath, God, Priesthood,, SicknessFather Steven BrownNgarawani
God Must Have a Very Good Sense of HumorHumorLife, Traveling, God, Humility/PrideFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Musoma
God Just Heard UsPrayerEternal Life/Heaven/Hell, God, Mary, Witchcraft, SuperstitionSister Mary Dennis McCarthy, M.M.
God Is My Intimate FriendPrayerFriendship, God, Healing/Health, Personal RelationshipsSister Hellen Nekesa, DSPLubao
God Had a Reason For My Going to RwandaInspirationCourage/Bravery/Fear, Faith/Doubt, God, Missionary Ministry, Peace/PeacemakingSister Rose Ngaruiya, M.M.M
God Didn’t Want Me to Give a HomilyMissionary MinistryBlessings, Environment/Ecology/Nature, God, HumorFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Iramba
Go Into the Whole WorldMissionary MinistryEvangelization, Presence/Accompaniment, Traveling, VisitingFather Michael Snyder, M.M.Shinyanga
Go and Spread the FaithMissionary MinistryChildren, Elders/Aging, Evangelization, YouthFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Tarime
Glory Be To the FatherPrayerCreation, Healing/Health, Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ
Gifts of Grace Bestowed In South AfricaPrayerCreation, Healing/Health, Holy Spirit, Jesus ChristFather Jerome Kodell, O.S.B.
Getting Down To the GrassrootsSmall Christian CommunitiesChurch, Community, Environment/Ecology/Nature, Ministry, TheologyFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Same
Full of the Devil and Full of the AngelsUnforgettable CharactersAngels, Devils, Humor, MinistryFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Musoma
Fortunately All the Swahili Sayings Had “Safe” MeaningsProverbs/SayingsCultural Values, Education, Languages, VisitingFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Makoko
Footprints of HopeAIDSBlessings, Healing/Health, Helping the Needy, ServiceNairobi
Following the Small Christian Community PlanSmall Christian CommunitiesChurch, Community, Ministry, TheologyFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Iramba
Fill the Air with Sounds of JoyInculturationJoy/Celebration, Songs/Music, Worship/Liturgy/SacrificeFather Raphael MakoriSirari
Feeling a Powerful Wave of Sorrow and CompassionDeathEthnicity/Tribalism/Genocide, Compassion, Funerals/Burials, Prayer, WomenMrs. Olive LuenaDar es Salaam
Father, the Lights Were Very NiceHumorLife, Eating/Meals, Environment/Ecology/Nature, HospitalityFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Iramba
Fascinating Metaphor of Africa TodayJoy/CelebrationChildren, Peace/Peacemaking/War, Poor/Poverty/Wealth, TravelingFather Patrick Ryan, M.H.M.Rumbeck
Expand and MultiplySmall Christian CommunitiesFamily, Missionary Call, Missionary Ministry, SharingSister Rita Ishengoma, STHGeita
Evangelization of Presence in SilencePresence/AccompaniementEcumenism, Humility/Pride, Missionary Ministry, WitnessFather Nicholas Makau, I.M.C.
Endless Safari to an Unknown DestinationRefugees/Internally DisplacedGod, Hope, Perserverance/Endurance, Poor/Poverty/WealthFather David Swinghamer, M.M.Lukole
Emmaus Liturgy: We Are On the Journey TogetherEaster/ResurrectionBible, Eucharist, Jesus Christ, Prayer, TravelingSister Rita Ishengoma STHSagana
Eating Lunch at 8 p.m.HumorEating/Meals, Environment/Ecology/Nature, Humility/Pride, Perserverance/EnduraneFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Nyabihanga
Don’t Try to BS a BSerUnforgettable CharactersHumor, Joy/Celebration, Life, Missionary MinistryFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Nairobi
Died — Forwarding Address UnknownHumorCleverness, DeathFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Nairobi
Did You Bring Our Mail?HumorMinistry, Missionary Ministry, Service, TravelingFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Tarime
Dialogue with African Religion in Dar es SalaamInterreligious DialogueCultural Values, Religion, Synod, Urban Ministry, Workshop/Liturgy/SacrificeFather Thomas Tiscornia, M.M.Dar es Salaam
Creative Ways to Celebrate MissionMissionary MinistryPentecost, Prayer, Hunger/Famine, Inculturation, LanguagesFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Dar es Salaam
Cow Procession on Palm SundayHumorAnimals, Joy/Celebration, Lent, Prayer, Songs/MusicFather Jose Padin, M.M.Motuken
Corpus Christi Wins in AfricaWorship/Liturgy/SacrificeChildren, Cultural Values, Joy/Celebration, Pentecost, Songs/MusicFather Edward Quinn, M.M.Shinyanga
Conversion on a BusTravelingConversion, Humor, Inculturation, Patience/Waiting/Impatience, Unforgettable CharactersFather Lou Quinn, M.M.Shinyanga
Close To My HeartRefugees/Internally Displaced PersonsChildren, Ethinicity/Tribalism/Genocide, Faith/Doubt, Peace/Peacemaking/War/ViolenceSister LeKheng Chen, M.M.Chabalisa
If There is God in You, There is Hope in YouHopeEthnicity/Tribalism/Genocide, Faith/Doubt, Helping the Needy, Unforgettable CharactersRabbi Marc Gellman
Christmas Letter From ZimbabweChristmasGenerosity/Unselfishness/Selfishness, Jesus Christ, Sharing, Suffering/Self-DenialSister Janice McLaughlin, M.M.Harare
Christ Couldn’t Have Done it BetterServiceHumility/Pride, Jesus Christ, Jesus in Disguise, Self-SacrificeFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Geita
Celebrating World Mission SundayMissionary MinistryChildren, Equality, Laity, Preachig the Gospel, YouthFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Mhunze
Celebrating Six Sacraments in One AfternoonJoy/CelebrationAnointing of the Sick, Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, Marriage, ReconciliationFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Mehingo
Celebrating Christmas in the SlumsChristmasAngels, Children, Eucharist, Mary, Poor/Poverty/Wealth, Urban MinistryFather John Lange, M.M.Mukuru Kwa Njenga
Burying Bombs in the MudPeace/Peacemaking/War/ViolenceEnvironment/Ecology/Nature, Joy/Celebration, Justice/Injustice/Corruption, PersecutionSister Marilyn Norris, M.M.Chukudum
Blowing Up Half the RectoryHumorCleverness, Environment/Ecology/Nature, LifeFather Lou Quinn, M.M.Shinyanga
Blood of Tribalism Is Thicker Than Water of BaptismRefugees/Internally Displaced PersonsBaptism, Death, Ethnicity/Tribalism/Genocide, Joint Responsibility, Peace/PeacemakersFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Rulenge
Better To Lie Than To DieTruth/LyingCourage/Bravery/Fear, Repentance, Witchcraft/Superstition, YouthFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Nyabihanga
Being Initiated Into the Buffalo ClanInculturationCultural Values, Missionary Call, Refugees/Internall Displaced Persons, VocationFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Mityana
Beautiful Mix of Nyanja and Burundi CultureInculturationCultural Values, Missionary Call, Refugees/Internall Displaced Persons, VocationDeacon Sinzotuma Leonard DejjuMetangula
Appreciating the Dignity of the PoorHumilty/PrideMissionary Ministry, Poor/Poverty/Wealth, Presence/Accompaniment, WomenJanet Hackert, MMAFNgara
An Experience of a LifetimeInculturationJoy/Celebration, Prayer, Songs/Music, Worship/Liturgy/Sacrifice, EucharistBishop Edward BraxtonKinshasa
An African GoodbyeFarewell/GoodbyeLove, Presence/Accompaniment, Sickness, Anointing of the SickBrother Kevin Dargan, M.M.Shinyanga
African Prayer of BlessingPrayerAncestors, Blessings, Death, Life
Adaka, the Old ManMyths/ParablesElders/Aging, Friendship, Visiting, YouthFather Renato Kizito Sesana, MCCJ
A Very Big DealHelping the NeedyDisabled/Handicapped People, Missionary Ministry, Service, ThanksgivingFather Ned MarchessaultEndulen
A Three Year Old Boy Challenged Me to HolinessInspirationLove, Sharing, Children, Evangelized by the PeopleHeidi SchmidtUmtata
A Straw Fence the Height of a PersonPersonal RelationshipsCommunity, Generosity/Unselfishness/Selfishness, Hospitality, Witchcraft/SuperstitionMichael Varga
A New Bishop Smiles, an Old Woman CriesPriesthoodElders/Aging, Friendship, Joy/Celebration, PoetryFather Joseph Healey, M.MKampala
A Multitude of Tanzanian People Coming Over a HillChristmasEnvironment/Ecology/Nature, Faith/Doubt, Joy/Celebration, Songs/MusicSister Margaret Rose Winkelmann, M.M.Kowak
A Miracle Happened This DayWitnessBirth, Children, Life, WomenMonica Vega and Heidi SchmidtItipini
A Man, a Bird and OgresMyths/ParablesAnimals, Helping the Needy, Salvation, Songs/MusicSukuma Ethnic Group
A Little Knowledge Is a Dangerous ThingHumorEducation, Languages, Mistakes in Languages, Proverbs/SayingsKikuyu Ethnic GroupNairobi
A Little Child Crawled In Between UsPeace/Peacemaking/War/ViolenceChildren, Prayer, Presence, Accompaniment, Refugees/Internally Displaced PersonsSister Theresa Baldini, M.M.Narus
A Dream That I Cannot ForgetHealing / HealthCultural Values, Environment/Ecology/Nature, Sickness, Suffering/Denial/HardshipsLadislaus JumaMagu
A Delightful "Mr. Blue" CharacterUnforgettable CharactersEnvironment/Ecology/Nature, Humor, Murphy's Law, TravelingFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Musoma
Yours Is the Kingdom Of GodDisabled PeopleJoy/Celebration, Poor/Poverty/Wealth, Evangelized by the People, Children, InspirationFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Dar es Salaam
You’re Not a White Man; You’re Our FatherPresence/AccompanimentChildren, Inspiration, Missionary Ministry, Witness
Your Spare Tire Fell OffHumorTraveling, Service, Helping the Needy, LifeFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Musoma
Your Mother Wants To Greet YouCommunityBaptism, Birth, Inspiration, Evangelized by the People, Presence/AccompanimentFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Dar es Salaam
You’d Better Be RunningAnimalsEnvironment/Ecology/Nature, Humor, Game Parks, Wisdom/StupidityFather Ted Hayden, S.M.A.
President Nyerere Disguises Himself as a BeggarAfrican Heroes/Heroines/SaintsCorruption, Inspiration, Justice, Leadership, Politics, WitnessFather Donald Sybertz, M.M.Shinyanga
Masala Kulangwa and the Monster Shing’weng’weStories of the BeginningCleverness, Salvation, RedemptionSukuma tribe
You Are the Church HereChurchCommunity, Eucharist, Laity, Worship/SacrificeFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Mehingo
Without a Priest You Do NothingMinistryEucharist, Priesthood, Laity, Church, EcumenismFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Nairobi
Why John Mbonde Was Late?AIDSFamily, Helping the Needy, InspirationFather Joseph Healey, M.M.
Who Taught the "Teacher"?African Hereos/SaintsEducation, Elders/Aging, Inspiration, LeadershipFather Dave Smith, M.M
Who Do You Africans Say I Am?InculturationJesus Christ, Cultural Values, Healing, AncestorsSukuma Research CommitteeBujora
When I DieDeathFreedom, God, Life, PoetryAgripina Habicht
When Elephants Fight the Grass Gets HurtProverbs/SayingsAfrican Heroes/Saints, Animals, Politics, Suffering/Self-Denial/HardshipFather Joseph Healey, M.M.
What Would You Buy If You Were Given $150?HumorWisdom, Cleverness, Youth, LifeFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Nyabihanga
What Mission Is All AboutMissionary MinistryJoy/Celebration, Easter/Resurrection, Happiness, ServiceFather Joseph Healey, M.M.
What Is More Beautiful – A Sunset Or A Cow?Joy/CelebrationLife, Animals, Cultural Values, Environment/Ecology/NatureFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Iramba
What Brought You Here?Missionary CallEnvironment/Ecology, Traveling, Vocation, LaityJoan Sharkey, MMAFNdoleleji
West Africa Wins AgainTravelingHumor, Missionary Ministry, Patience, Time
We Were Grateful For God’s AnswerPrayerChildren, God, Sickness, ThanksgivingDr. Susan Nagele, MMAFNimule
We Wanted To Be Like ThemLaityWitness, Family, Presence/Accompaniment, Missionary MinistryFather Joseph Healey, M.M.
We the Shepherds Were the FirstChristmasAnimals, Church, Jesus Christ, Joy/Celebration, Songs/MusicFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Kemugongo
We Have a Debt to PayEvangelized by the PeopleDisabled People, Leadership, God, ServiceMonica Vega and Heidi SchmidtUmtata
Wanjiku’s Long SafariEternal Life/Heaven/HellDeath, Traveling, Easter/Resurrection, Jesus ChristFather Joseph Donders, M.Afr.Nairobi
Why I Believe that Julius Nyerere Is a SaintAfrican Heroes/SaintsInspiration, Joy/Celebration, Leadership, Service, WitnessRev. Edward A. Hayes, M.M.Musoma
Maryknoll Brother Ron Rak’s Favorite Expression "Not to Worry"Joint EffortsUsing One's Talents, Helping the Needy, Inspiration, Missionary Call, ClevernessRev. Joseph G. HealeyNairobi
Walking the Way of the Cross in Africa TodayCross/CrucifixionAIDS, Death, Inculturation, Jesus Christ, SufferingFather Sahaya Selvam, SDBMoshi
Walking Beside The PeopleEqualityPeace/Peacemaking/War, Presence/AccompanimentVicki Armour-Hileman, MMAF and Joseph Healey, M.M.
Veronica’s African Woven BasketEvangelized by the PeopleInspiration, Helping the Needy, Disabled People, TravelingFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Makoko
Veronica Gives Birth to a Boy ChildChristmasBirth, Children, Joy/Celebration, Mary, WomenFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Iramba
Two Roads Overcame the HyenaAnimalsHunger/Famine, Game Parks, Service, Proverbs/SayingsTanzania Folktale
Transmit This to Your ChildrenProverbs/SayingsCultural Values, Children, Elders/Aging, WisdomAfrican Proverb
Today’s Terrible Form of DyingAIDSCourage/Bravery/Fear, Death, Helping the Needy, SicknessFather Joseph Healey, M.M.
Today the Real Guest of Honor Is Not MeAfrican Heroes/SaintsChurch, Inspiration, Joy/Celebration, Missionary MinistryFather Joseph Healey, M.M.
To Be Called Is To Be SentMissionary CallBaptism, Joy/Celebration, Proverbs/Sayings, Small Christian CommunitiesFather Donald Sybertz, M.M. and Father Joseph HealMwanhuzi
Thomas Met Me in the Parking LotRefugees/Displaced PersonsPolitics, Peace/Peacemaking/War, Proverbs/Sayings, Muslims/IslamFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Nairobi
This African Mary Understands My SwahiliPrayerChristmas, Inculturation, Inspiration, MaryMrs. Perpetua Mashelle
They Came Walking, WalkingRefugees/Displaced PersonsPoetry, Suffering/Self-Denial/Hardship, Poor/Poverty/Wealth, Peace/Peacemaking/War, Ethnicity/Tribalism/GenocideFather Joseph Healey M.M.Ngara
Theresa’s Old Plastic Armless CrucifixCross/CrucifixionJesus Christ, Helping the Needy, Service, Small Christian CommunitiesFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Bukiriro
There is Indeed "Room in the Inn!"Jesus in DisguiseBirth, Christmas, Service, LifeFather (Dr.) William Fryda, M.M.Nairobi
A Coconut Shell Is an Ocean to an AntTravelingCultural Values, Helping the Needy, Personal Relationships, VisitingFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Dar es Salaam
A Blind Girl Taught UsDisabled/ Handicap PeopleChildren, Evangelized by the People, Inspiration, Missionary MinistryFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Dar es Salaam
40 Blessed YearsThanksgivingBlessings, Environment/Ecology/Nature, Missionary Ministry, BirthFather Carroll Houle, M.M.Nairobi
30 Little Children on the Back BumperRefugees/Internally Displaced PersonsEthnicity/Tribalism/Genocide, Joy/Celebration, Peace/Peacemaking/War/ViolenceFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Rulenge
23 Kilometer Walk to KaudaTravelingConfirmation, Easter/Reurrection, Missionary Ministry, Peace/Peacemaking/War/WictoryFather Tom Tiscornia M.M.Kauda
The Two Young Men on the Road to NakuruEaster/ResurrectionJesus in Disguise, Faith/Doubt, Hope, Traveling, EucharistFather Joseph Healey, M.M.
The Two Journeys of Peter and ThomasDeathChildren, Easter/Resurrection, Lent, Life, Sickness, TravelingFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Mwanza
The Two Cold PorcupinesPersonal RelationshipsGame Parks, Animals, Friendship, SharingFather Bernard Joinet, M.Afr.Dar es Salaam
The Two BrothersPersonal RelationshipsChildren, Family, Blessings, ClevernessSukuma Research CommitteeBugora
The Turkana Celebrate a Feast of Light and HopeChristmasJoy/Celebration, Hope, Jesus Christ, InculturationFather Bernard RuhnauTurkana
The Sukuma Bishop Sent By His WorkerServiceHumility/Pride, Jesus Christ, Leadership, Missionary Call
The Slave Who Became a SaintAfrican Heroes/SaintsFaith/Doubt, Freedom, Humility/Pride, Inspiration, WomenFather Joseph Healey, M.MDar es Salaam
The Singing of Our Church Choir Always Hurts My EarsAfrican Heroes/SaintsChurch, Humor, Songs, WorshipFather Carroll Houle, M.M.
The Show-off Prepares for Jesus on ChristmasJesus in DisguiseChristmas, Hospitality, Integrity/Hypocrisy, Myth/FableSukuma Ethnic Group
The Short Lives of Emmanuel and JohnDeathBirth, Christmas, Children, Funerals/Burials, Joy/CelebrationFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Nyabihanga
The Self-Reliant Orphan LambEucharistAnimals, Song/Music, Eternal life/Heaven/Hell, Jesus ChristFather Donald Sybertz, M.M. and Father Joseph HealSukuma Ethnic Group
The Sacrifice of the White HenSelf-sacrificeDeath, Life, Animals, InspirationDenis O'Sullivan - Yoruba Ethnic GroupS.M.A
The Rainy Day of RetributionFaithfulness/UnfaithfulnessReconcilation, Repentence, God, Environment/Ecology/NatureSister Edel Mitei, D.S.P.Iten
The Rain CameWorship/SacrificeFamily, Environment/Ecology, Myth/Fable, Self-sacrificeGrace OgotLuo Ethnic Group
The President Is Coming, the President Is ComingAdventChristmas, Cleverness, Humor, Missionary MinistryFather Joseph Healey, M.MIramba
The Poor Man Without WorkHospitalitySalvation, Animals, Poor/Poverty/Wealth, Helping the NeedySukuma Ethnic Group
The Poor Celebrate BestJoy/CelebrationPoor/Poverty/Wealth, Song/Music, Small Christian Communities, Easter/ResurrectionFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Dar es Salaam
The Person Who Couldn’t Find GodChristmasTraveling, God, Presence/Accompaniment, Helping the Needy, Jesus ChristFather Joseph Healey, M.M. with the ChristiansIramba Parish
The Peacock and the VultureAnimalsEating/Meals, Freedom, Family, DeathIka Ethnic Group
The Parable On the Way to BauleniEaster/ResurrectionAfrican Synod, Jesus Christ, Small Christian Communities, Evangelized by the People, InculturationFather Renato Kizito Sesana, MCCJLusaka
The Parable of the Good MaasaiInculturationCompassion, Helping the Needy, Ethnicity/Tribalism/Genocide, Bibleadapted by Father Joseph Healey, M.M.Musoma
The Muslim Prayer ConnectionMuslims/IslamInspiration, Prayer, SpiritualityPeter Le Jacq, M.M.
The Mother With the Ten SonsClevernessEating/Meals, Family, Children, Using One's TalentsSukuma Ethnic Group, Sukuma Research CommitteeBujora
The Merciful Rwandan WifeForgiveness/MercyConflict Resolution, Ethnicity/Tribalism/Genocide, Inspiration, Peace/Peacmaking/WarFather Thomas McDonnell, M.M.
The Loving Kamba MotherLoveCommunity, Courage/Bravery/Fear, Inspiration, Jesus in Disguise, Self-sacrificeArchbishop Raphael Ndingi Mwana'a NzekiKamba
The Littlest Thing You Do For SomeoneAfrican Heroes/SaintsChildren, Education, Inspiration, Using One's TalentsFather John Sivalon, M.M
The Lion’s ShareWisdom/StupidityNubian Ethnic Group
The Leopard and the RabbitAnimalsChildren, Cleverness, Conflict Resolution, Unity/DivisionSukuma Research CommitteeBujora
The Faithfulness of Dr. MayombiFaithfulness/UnfaithfulnessSuffering/Self-Denial/Hardship, God, Witchcraft/Superstition, BibleFather Donald Sybertz, M.M.Mwanza
The Dying Father’s Last Testament To His Three SonsUnity/DivisionCommunity, Death, Personal Relationships, ChildrenJoseph Lupande, Sukuma Ethnic GroupBujora
The Demand for a ParishPrayerChurch, God, Perseverance/Endurance, WorkSister Josiah Emem, D.S.P.Ikot Ekpene
The Dead are Never DeadDeathAncestors, Poetry, Cultural Values, Environment/EcologyBirago Diop
The Day We DieDeathLife, Prayer, Religion, SongsSouthern Bushmen Song
The Day the Lord Got WetEucharistFaith/Doubt, Jesus Christ, Perseverance/Endurance, Service, InspirationAlberto VieraRibaue
The Community of RatsCommunityAnimals, Self-Sacrifice, Cooperation, Myths/Fables
The Clever Young Man and the MonsterRedemptionCleverness, Easter/Resurrection, Jesus Christ, Jesus in Disguise, SalvationSukuma Ethnic Group
The Church Is the Local Christian CommunityChurchCommunity, Eucharist, Laity, Worship/SacrificeFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Mehingo
The Chief Had Already GoneEating/MealsCultural Values, Leadership, Life, Proverbs/SayingsSukuma Ethnic Group
The Chameleon and the RabbitAnimalsCleverness, Marriage, Wisdom/Stupidity, Using One's TalentsSister Ephigenia Gachiri, I.B.V.M.Nairobi
The Challenge of Pastoral InculturationChristmasAfrican Heroes/Saints, Redemption, Salvation, Songs/MusicSukuma Ethnic Group
The African Prayer of BlessingPrayerBlessings, Ancestors, Death, Life
The "Prayer Over the Gifts" in the All Africa Eucharistic PrayerPrayerEucharist, Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, InculturationFather Aylward Shorter, M.Afr.Gaba
Tanzanian Celebration of the Feast of the Body and Blood of ChristInculturationEucharist, Jesus Christ, Joy/Celebration, Songs/MusicFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Bujora
Such Is Life in CyberspaceHumorEthnicity/Tribalism/Genocide, EvangalizationFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Dar es Salaam
Starting His Second 50 Years in MissionLanguagesMissionary Ministry, Personal Relationships, Joy/Celebration, Elders/AgingFather Joseph Healey, M.MMusoma
Smiling Rashidi KikopaHappinessInspiration, Helping the Needy, Suffering, Poor/Poverty/WealthFather John Lange, M.M.Dar es Salaam
Smelling African Flowers on Easter SundayEaster/ResurrectionJoy/Celebration, Jesus Christ, Songs, Environment/Ecology/NatureFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Iramba
Sitting Down To An Authentic Ethiopian MealEating/MealsHospitality, Humor, Traveling, VisitingFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Dar es Salaam
She Walked Like a QueenAIDSDeath, Farewell/Goodbye, Courage/Bravery/Fear, SicknessDr. Brigid Corrigan, M.D.
Sharing Truly Divides the SorrowSmall Christian CommunitiesAIDS, Sharing, Sickness, VisitingSt. Jude Thaddeus Small Christian CommunityMusoma
Serving With Quiet PassionServiceCompassion, Children, Inspiration, WitnessFather Joseph Healey, M.MEntebbe
Separation Myth of the Inquisitive HunterCreationGod, Life, Suffering/Self-denial/Hardship, Worship/SacrificeFather Matei Mung'aho
Seeing It With My Own EyesChildrenBible, Animals, Inculturation, Evangelized by the People, Small Christian CommunitiesFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Musoma
Searching for a Symbol of ReconciliationReconciliationMarriage, Cultural Values, Family, Peace/Peacemaking/WarRaphael ChuwaMusoma
SCC Members Reflecting on the "Visitation"Small Christian CommunitiesVisiting, Bible, Mary, Cultural ValuesFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Nairobi
Rooting for the Underdog: Why I Go Back to TanzaniaMissionary CallInspiration, Jesus Christ, Preaching the Gospel, WitnessFather Joseph Healey, M.M.
Rising to the AIDS ChallengeAIDSChildren, Helping the Needy, Service, Small Christian CommunitiesFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Dar es Salaam
Retelling the Magi Story In Eastern AfricaInculturationCultural Values, Jesus Christ, Children, EvangelizationBishop Akio Johnson Mutek and Father Joseph Healey
Requesting Group Spiritual DirectionCommunityCultural Values, Ministry, Sharing, SpiritualityFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Dar es Salaam
Remembering the Wake of Jesus ChristInculturationSongs, Death, Jesus Christ, Funerals, Cultural ValuesFather Rudi Kriegisch, M.Afr.Tabora
Pumped Up on Easter SundayEaster/ResurrectionJoy/Celebration, Children, Holy Spirit, Jesus ChristFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Dar es Salaam
Poems of African ParadoxMissionary MinistryPoetry, Presence/Accompaniment, Community, ChurchFather Joseph Healey, M.M.
Paul’s Two-Year Spiritual Journey (Short Version)BaptismEaster/Resurrection, Small Christian Communities, Joy/Celebration, ConversionFather Joseph Healey, M.M. and the Tanzanian peoplMusoma
Paul’s Two-Year Spiritual Journey (Long Version)BaptismEaster/Resurrection, Small Christian Communities, Joy/Celebration, ConversionFather Joseph Healey, M.M. and the Tanzanian peoplMusoma
Padri, Will You Give Me Your Goats?AnimalsPreaching the Gospel, Bible, Cultural Values, Eternal Life/Heaven/HellFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Iramba
Padri, Why Are You Trying to Beak Us Up?BaptismCommunity, Evangelization, Faith/Doubt, Missionary MinistryFather Vincent Donovan, C.S.S.P.Arusha
Origin of Death Myth of the Child Who Was BuriedDeathCreation, God, Sickness, Easter/Resurrection, Obedience/DisobedienceKongo Ethnic Group
Origin of Death MythDeathAnimals, Eternal Life/Heaven/Hell, God, Wisdom/StupidityYao Ethnic Group
Old Woman Who Hid DeathDeathAnimals, God, Myths/FablesHangaza Ethnic Group
Oh, Displaced WomanRefugees/Displaced PersonsPoetry, Presence/Accompaniment, Women, CompassionElizabeth Mach, MMAFNimule
Now My Life is to Serve the PeopleServicePolitics, Suffering/Self-Denial/Hardship, Evangelized by the People, Poor/Poverty/WealthSister Janice McLaughlin, M.M.Maputo
Nothing Materially But Everything SpirituallyDisabled PeopleFamily, Inspiration, Poor/Poverty/Wealth, SpiritualityPaul NadeauShinyanga
No Food, CasmirEducationEating/Meals, Murphy's Law, Traveling, ServiceFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Arusha
My Happiest Moment in NyabihangaHappinessSharing, Love, Missionary Call, FriendshipFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Nyabihanga
Mwajuma’s Simple RequestAIDSPerseverance, ChildrenRichard Bauer, M.M.
Muigai Washed Her ClothesLoveAIDS, Compassion, Inspiration, Presence/AccompanimentFather Tom PetronekNairobi
More Than Socializing At The CoffeehouseEating/MealsBlessings, Cultural Values, Spirituality, Hospitality/VisitingMr. Timothy Kalyegira and Father Joseph Healey, M.
Meeting the Holy Spirit in Stella’s SmileHoly SpiritEvangelized by the People, Happiness, Joy/Celebration, WomenFather Michael Snyder, M.M.Kiagata
Masanja Goes to Dar es Salaam- Story AloneEaster/ResurrectionJesus Christ, Small Christian Communities, Suffering/Self-denial/HardshipSukuma Ethnic Group
Masanja Goes to Dar es Salaam- Story AdaptedEaster/ResurrectionAdapted by Father Joseph Healey, M.M.
Maryknoll Family in East Africa Mourns and Celebrates Julius NyerereAfrican Heroes/SaintsDeath, Equality, Joy/Celebration, PrayerDaniel Griffin, MMAF, Father Joseph Healey, M.M. a
Martha’s Very Special "Confession"ReconciliationEvangelized By the People, Forgiveness/Mercy, God, InspirationFather Joseph Healey, M.M.
Maria and Yosefu Visit the Christmas HutChristmasAnimals, Children, Happiness, Jesus Christ, Mary, BibleFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Iramba
Many Beads Form One NecklaceCommunitySmall Christian Communities, Sharing, Church, Unity/Diversionsupplied by Daniel Zwack
Maige’s First Tricycle RideDisabled PeopleHelping the Needy, Easter/Resurrection, Inspiration, ChildrenFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Mwanhuzi
Lord, What Am I Doing Here?Missionary MinistrySuffering/Self-denial/Hardship, Environment/Ecology/Nature, Jesus Christ, HumorFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Musoma
Look On Your Child and Heal Him/HerPrayerHealing, Birth, Jesus Christ, Ancestors, ChildrenSukuma Ethnic Groupadapted by Father Donald Sybertz, M.M.
Long Journey of My Mission CrossCross/CrucifixionPeace/Peacemaking/War, Refugees/Displaced Persons, Suffering/Self-denial/Hardship, PersecutionDr. Susan Nagele, MMAFLoa
Living An African Way of the CrossCross/CrucifixionBible, Inculturation, Jesus Christ, Lent, Self-Sacrifice, Small Christian CommunitiesFather Joseph G. Healey, M.M. in consultation withDar es Salaam
Let Mike Do All the OrderingEating/MealsJoy/Celebration, Personal Relationships, Traveling, Unforgettable CharactersFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Kampala
Leeyio’s MistakeDeathCreation, Children, Cultural Values, Eternal Life/Heaven/HellMaasai Ethnic Group
Just Be Here With UsPresence/AccompanimentHelping the Needy, Inspiration, Love, Suffering/Self-denial/HardshipLittle Sister Dativa
Journey of Two Old Men Called Life and DeathCreationDeath, Life, Myths/Fables, TravelingHausa Ethnic Groupsupplied by Father John Halbert, M.M.
Jimmy, You Lead the PrayerAfrican Heroes/SaintsPrayer, Religion, Missionary Ministry, Preaching the GospelRev. Daniel Ohmann, M.M.Musoma
I’ve Been Trying To Thank You For YearsThanksgivingFather Peter LeJacq, M.M.Mwanza
That’s the Bishop!Using One's TalentsHumility, Traveling, Unforgettable CharactersFr. Joseph Healey MMBukoba
It Takes a Whole VillageFamilyJoint Responsibility, Provers/Sayings, Children, EducationFather Joseph Healey, M.M.Dar es Salaam