African Stories by Season


Over the past five years the “African Proverbs and Sayings” part of this website has developed steadily. For a long time we have wanted to start a specific section or page on “African Stories,” but there was very little input. Now we are collecting, compiling and editing various African stories, legends, parables and fables old and new. One challenge is how to communicate the Good News of Jesus Christ to Africans in an African context, in African accents, in an African handwriting. The happy solution is to tell an African story. Everyone likes stories.

We began with African Stories about Christmas. Stories from Africa, East Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia are included. Now we have added other categories. As you read and reflect on these African Stories you are invited to tell your own stories. Please send in your stories for this “African Stories” Page to the Moderator  of this website. Please let the Moderator  of this website know which stories you like and how and where you are using these stories. Once upon a time…