June 24, 2008

Jun. 2008: “Great fires erupt from tiny sparks.” – Arabic (Libya) Proverb

Akbar na:r min asgar shara:r (Arabic) Le grand feu debute par le premier étincele. (French) Great fires erupt from tiny sparks. (English) Arabic (Libya) Proverb Background, […]
March 6, 2008

Jul. 2007: “The camel does not see the bend in its neck.” – Arabic (Libya) Proverb

El dzamel ma ishbeh aouz rugupta. (Arabic) The camel does not see the bend in its neck. (English) Arabic (Libya) Proverb Background, Explanation, Meaning and Everyday […]
March 2, 2008

May, 2004 Proverb: “After hardship comes relief.” – Arabic (Egypt and other North African countries)

Maa daa’it illa maa forigat. (Colloquial Arabic) Inna maa al osr yosran. (Koran Arabic) Baada ya dhiki, faraja. (Swahili) No matter how hard it may get, […]